GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes & Secrets

Are you looking for GTA San Andreas Cheat codes? Below we have shared some awesome cheat codes for GTA San Andreas which you can use. We are pretty sure that with the help of these games, you can complete the game 100% within the very short period of time. Cheat Codes are useful when you are stuck on a mission.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes & Secrets

We all know about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it’s really an awesome game which is loved by many. Well, cheating in GTA: San Andreas becomes really easy on Windows and Mac computers. However, on an Android operating system, you need to install several keyboard apps as we have mentioned in this article.

As we know, GTA: San Andreas is the seventh release in the Grand Theft Auto Series of games. In this game, players take on the role of Carl Johnson (CJ). This game is base on an open world that means you can do almost everything in this game.

Not only these, GTA San Andreas is also one of the most controversial games of all time due to several facts which have been seen only on GTA San Andreas. However, in this post, we are actually talking about cheat codes.

The game is already available on Windows computer and on an Android operating system. The GTA San Andreas APK for Android actually has an extended storyline. Therefore, if you haven’t played this game on your Android, then you need to play it right now.

Talking about cheat codes, to active the cheat codes for GTA: San Andreas it must be typed directly during the game. Activating these cheat codes on a computer is reasonably easy because you just need to type in the codes using the physical keyboard. However, Android doesn’t have a physical keyboard! That’s why you need to install a virtual keyboard which can be activated during the gameplay.

Don’t enter these cheat codes while pausing the game, enter the codes during the gameplay. It’s also not advised to save your game with cheats enabled because it can cause some error while you resume your gameplay. So, here’s is the list of cheat codes available for GTA: San Andreas. Just browse through the list and see what catches your eyes.

Cheat Codes For Weapons

  • LXGIWYL – Set of weapons for Amateurs
  • PROFESSIONALSKIT, KJKSZPJ – Set of weapons for professionals
  • UZUMYMW – Set of weapons for the crazies
  • FULLCLIP WANRLTW – Infinite amount of ammo and shooting without reloading.
  • NCSGDAG PROFESSIONALKILLER – The highest level of knowledge of all kinds of weapons
  • OUIQDMW – Automatic focus when shooting from machine

Cheat Codes For Health, Armor, and Money

  • HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car
  • BAGUVIX – Infinite health protection from bullets, fire, and shock.
  • CVWKXAM – Unlimited breath under water
  • AEDUWNV – Always hungry, never to be hungry
  • MUNASEF ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline level

Cheat Codes For Police

ASNAEB TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Remove wanted level
LJSPQK BRINGITON – Increase wanted level to the maximum
OSRBLHH TURNUPTHEHEAT – Increase wanted level by 2 stars
AEZAKMI – Elusive, Never get caught and arrested

Cheat Codes For Status

OGXSDAG WORSHIPME – Maximum respect
EHIBXQS HELLOLADIES – Maximum sexuality.
BTCDBCB – CJ becomes very thick
KVGYZQK – CJ becomes skinny
BUFFMEUP JYSDSOD – CJ becomes a muscular hunk
VKYPQCF – Maximum Stamina
VQIMAHA NATURALTALENT – Maximum level of natural talent
BIFBUZZ – Gang seized absolutely the entire state of San Andreas.
MROEMZH – Gangs everywhere, they will surround CJ everywhere.

Weather Cheats

TOODAMNHOT – Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO – Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS – Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ – Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL – Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER – Always Midnight
OFVIAC – Orange Sky
CWJXUOC – Sandstorm

We are pretty sure that with the help of these games, you can complete the game 100% within the very short period of time. Cheat Codes are useful when you are stuck on a mission. However, applying the cheat codes in any game ruins the gaming experience. But, if you have already played the game and just want to enjoy one more time, then you can apply these cheat codes.

These are the cheat codes that we mostly used while playing GTA San Andreas. You can even use these cheat codes on GTA San Andreas APK for Android with the help of a keyboard app. If you know some more cheats, then drop the codes in the comment box below.

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